Czech antique Victorian Saphiret サフィレット pentagon axehead glass rhinestone 11x11mm

Czech antique Victorian Saphiret pentagon axehead glass rhinestone 11x11mm
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Czech antique Victorian Saphiret pentagon axehead flatback glass rhinestone. For an antique stone, this is in very good condition and is a super example of the colors that saphiret should have. Being an antique stone, it will have slightly rough molding edges. 
For jewelry making, fashion design, sewing and crafting.

Size: 11 x 11mm 7/16" x 7/16". approx. mm thick
Material: glass
Year: 1900's
Origin: Bohemia / Czech
Condition: Authentic vintage condition. 


Saphiret is an early glass used in jewelry making and was made during the late 1800s to mid 1900s. It was made in various countries, including Czechoslovakia and Germany during the mid 19th century. The glass was made by adding real gold to sapphire colored molten glass. This created an amazing color combination. The base color ranged from a mocha or pinkish brown to a brick red color, but the amazing part is when light strikes the stone, the glass reflects the light as a soft blue glow.

SIZE11 mm
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