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We are one of the largest suppliers with wide range of vintage and antique Czech glass beads, buttons, cabochons, rhinestones, chandelier parts, jewelry and design findings.

The former Czechoslovakia is renowned for producing some of the best quality glass products available and we are proud to be able to bring a selection to our customers. 

Formed by Tony and Sona 10 years ago out of a passion for all things vintage from Czech Republic, the company has grown from ground up and now supplies vintage products to all corners of the world. Selling has been concentrated on Ebay  and Etsy  in the past, but the lauch of our new website is the latest innovations for this family run business. History of Jablonec

The items listed on our website are just a selection of our full stock and we welcome any enquiries, requests and wholesale orders. Let us know what you like and we will always endeavor to find it and list on the website. 

Vintage and antique Czech glass has a certain charm and quality. The majority of the glass we have is between 70 and 120 years old. Manufacturing of special beads and buttons in the early days was done by homeworkers in one of the hundreds of back garden factories. Everything was made by hand and then sold to one of the largest distribution companies. As a consequence, many of our products will have a hand finished look.

In addition, with the turbulent politics of the former Czech Republic, huge caches of beads and buttons were stored in attics and basements, and they had to endure weather and stress like the rest of us. If you are looking for modern perfection, uniformity and mass production, maybe our website is not for you. We make no apologies as we believe our products have a unique quality and charm found only in true vintage and antique glass.

Please enjoy browsing the store and feel free to send any questions, suggestions or requests. 

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