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Czech glass seed bead size chart

01. 02. 2021, 14:32
We get asked a lot about Czech glass seed beads and their sizes and weights. Unlike new seed beads and Japanese seed beads, Czech vintage seed beads are very difficult to put into neat categories. They ...

1930's catalogue "The crystal glassworks of A Mayer and Sohn

16. 07. 2020, 16:13
We recently managed to aquire a wonderful 1930's catalogue from the A Mayer and Sohn company of Oberkreibitz-Schönfeld, a region of the former Sudetenland, the historical German name ...

Lampwork Czech glass flowers

21. 04. 2020, 15:56
A few years ago we were fortunate enough to acquire the entire contents of a former button making factory in the Czech Republic. Included in the lot were almost 1000kg of antique glass cane. This cane ...

The Czech glass bangle industry

07. 06. 2019, 16:12
Adapted from "Baubles, Buttons and Beads" The Heritage of Bohemia by Sibylle Jargstorf. Well worth purchasing as a fantastic reference book. The Gablonzers (glass makers from the Gablonz region ...

The glass sculptures of Miloslav Janků for Železný Brod sklo

04. 06. 2019, 17:30
Miloslav Janků was born on April 4, 1916 in Úpice, Semily and lived there from eleven to sixty years old, when he moved to Železný Brod. From 1931 to 1934 he attended glass school ...

Antique Victorian Czech Jet Black Glass Buttons

16. 04. 2019, 13:24
A selection of beautiful Antique Victorian Czech black glass buttons. These buttons were hand molded using hand engraved steel button molds and have incredible fine detail. Each ...

Art Nouveau German Metal Stamping and Rolling Mill Pattern Catalogue Josef Scheibler's Sohne 1910

21. 11. 2018, 16:37
We are delighted to have recently acquired three antique German jewelry design catalogues from the 1870's and early 1900's. This is the first of the three:   Art Nouveau German Metal Stamping ...

The necklaces of Jakob Bengel

07. 11. 2018, 16:00
The necklaces of Jakob Bengel   We recently acquired a lot of Art Deco necklaces from a long closed store in Jablonec nad Nisou (formerly known as Gablonz). Unusually for old Gablonz jewelry, they ...

Victorian Czech black glass 'mourning' costume jewelry

27. 07. 2018, 15:28
As with most items of costume jewelry made in the Jablonec region of Czechoslovakia. black (or jet) costume jewelry was intended to imitate genuine precious and semi precious stones; in this case jet. Jewelry ...

Art Deco original jewelry design drawings Czechoslovakia 1928-1931

18. 07. 2018, 13:33
This is a wonderful collection of Czechoslovakian jewelry design history. Original hand drawn designs of Art Deco jewelry. Hand drawn and colored, these are from two portfolio of designs by students ...
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