Art Nouveau German Metal Stamping and Rolling Mill Pattern Catalogue Josef Scheibler's Sohne 1910

21. 11. 2018, 16:37

We are delighted to have recently acquired three antique German jewelry design catalogues from the 1870's and early 1900's. This is the first of the three:


Art Nouveau German Metal Stamping and Rolling Mill Pattern Catalogue Josef Scheibler's Sohne 1910

This is a stunning original antique jewelry stampings catalogue. Titled " Estamperie und Dessinier-Walzwerk" which roughly translates as Stamping and Rolling Mill Patterns. A revised 5th edition with updates for equestrian products.

Josef Scheibler (1850-1924) started his business in 1874 with 2 gold coins and an oil lamp, quickly expanding, first with black jewelry components in the Victorian period, followed by metal stampings. By the turn of the 20th century, he had his own factory in Gablonz (now Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech republic), over 15000 products and employed hundreds of people.

This is in stunning condition, barely touched with a a couple of corner creases, a small rip to the spine cover and spots to the cover. The printed plates inside are immaculate, each of the 21 plates separated by brown tissue paper. The last 2 pages are price lists in Czech Koruna per gross. As this is in such good condition, the photography has been kept to a minimum to avoid moving the tissue paper and avoid damaging the spine. The pictures show a small selection of the designs shown.

With designs for brooch, earring, buckle, snake bracelet and other jewelry components but also corporate, army and medal designs. With a section for larger stampings for furniture, metal banding and chandelier trim and lockets and snuff or cigarette cases. 

This is a study in Art Nouveau design. There are so many classic Art Nouveau inspired and arts and crafts designs.

I have discovered other catalogues by the same company in museums in The Czech Republic but this is the only one to have been brought to the market. 

The catalogue measures 9.75 inches x 12 inches approximately


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