Art Deco original jewelry design drawings Czechoslovakia 1928-1931

18. 07. 2018, 13:33

This is a wonderful collection of Czechoslovakian jewelry design history. Original hand drawn designs of Art Deco jewelry. Hand drawn and colored, these are from two portfolio of designs by students from the The Turnov State school of Jewelry called Slava Kozak and Milos Kozak. Dated between 1928 and 1931. Students at the school were expected to produce high quality design sketches and illustrations as part of their course work. The designs would be for gold or silver, many with precious stones and gems.
These have undiscovered for over 80 years and are in excellent condition, the colors still as fresh as when applied. This would look superb mounted behind glass and framed as an exhibition piece, wall art, educational resource or museum piece.

The Turnov State school of Jewelry was originally started in 1884 by the Austrian Sculptor Josef Malina, a graduate of the Vienna School of Applied Arts. Known originally as The Gemstone Training School, it became part of the nationwide network of vocational schools in 1918 under the name of the State School of Jewelry in Turnov. The director was Antonin Karc from 1922 - 1939. Between the two world wars the school teaching developed along the lines of cubism, functionalism and Art Deco geometry.


05. 03. 2020, 23:28:45
Karen Marie Malina Scroggin - reply
My father was Charles R Malina, his father, George F Malina. I believe my great grandfather was Karel Malina, jewelry maker, crystal cutter master from Prague. I am wanting to find any relatives over there. Any assistance is welcome.
24. 01. 2021, 15:46:20
Karen Malina - reply
Still searching. I believe Josef Malina of Austria may be Karel Malina's father or other relative. My father had some pieces that he sold before his death. I saw a couple of Karel's work and it is in this vein.
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