Vintage Czech 3 strand necklace AB clear pentagon blue lustre glass beads

Vintage Czech 3 strand necklace AB clear pentagon blue lustre glass beads
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Vintage Železný Brod Czech Bohemian 3 strand necklace with a superb selection of AB clear pentagon and blue lustre round glass beads. Finished with clear seed beads. Silver tone filigree floral clasp closer. 

Origin: Vintage Czech Bohemia 1960's
Length: 15.5" approx 
Size: Beads 2 - 5mm; 1/16" - 3/16" 
Material: Glass.
Condition: Authentic vintage condition. 
Quantity: 1

The history of glass production and processing in Železný Brod dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when domestic production and processing of small glass products began to grow from neighboring Jablonec. In 1948, with the nationalization of private companies, Zeleznobrodské sklo was formed. This necklace is from the "glass products library" of Železnobrodské sklo and was a unique example of what the company could produce, showing the styles, beads and findings available. This necklace has been removed from an orginal card that was never for retail sale, purely being a library example. As with any necklace that is almost 70 years old, the cotton may have become weak and need re-stringing. 

COLORAB / Blue / Multicolor
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