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Necklaces on Cards

These necklaces are on library sample cards from the now finished Zeleznobrodske Sklo company of Gablonz. The ZBS company was an amalgamation of hundreds of independant glass makers enforced by the communist regime in the 1950's. The nationalised company controlled all sales of glass products worldwide. 

Every necklace made had a library copy, of which this is one. The cards will often have hand written notes with lengths available, beads used, costs and weights. 

The beads on necklaces such as this are often older than mid century as the company took all supplies of beads they could find under control with stocks from the turn of the century included. 

The necklaces are sewn on to the cards and must be removed carefully by cutting the cotton on the reverse side of the card. These have been in storage for 60 years and there is no guarantee on the stringing. These are unique and historical products.

Flat rate international shipping of $ 7.50 for your entire order. 

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