Lot (6) Vintage Art Deco chrome chain necklaces Czech Uranium orange glass beads

Lot (6) Vintage Art Deco chrome chain necklaces Czech Uranium orange glass beads
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Lot (6) Vintage Art Deco chrome chain necklaces with Czech orange round and Uranium rondelle glass beads. With chrome plated link chains and chromed clip barrel clasp closers. These necklaces are from new old stock, recently discovered in Jablonec nad Nisou (formerly Gablonz), the home of Czechoslovakian jewelry. 
These necklaces follow the Bauhaus style of the Jakob Bengel company in Germany whose pieces of jewelry were a mixture of chains and different glass or galalith plastic elements. The company is well documented as being a major exporter to Gablonz from where jewelry would be distributed around the world. 

A short history of Jakob Bengel

Size: 16 inches approx
Size beads: 6 - 13mm; 4/16" - 8/16"
Material: glass
Year: Vintage 
Condition: Authentic vintage condition. These have been stored away for a considerable time and some of the bead connector pins may have tarnished. These could also be used as components for contemporary vintage jewelry design.
Quantity: 6

MATERIALGlass / Metal
COLORMulticolor / Orange / Silver / Uranium
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