Large Sample card 3 Deco Geometric Czech vintage rhinestone jewelry Necklaces

Large Sample card 6 Deco Geometric Czech vintage rhinestone jewelry Necklaces
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Large Sample card of 3 Czechoslovakian rhinestone necklaces. This card is part of a collection from a jewelry design and manufacturing company "Sklenena Bizuterie" which was based in Jablonec, Czechoslovakia. The company Sklenena Bizuterie collected these samples from long time ago. The sample cards were used to show potential buyers the range of designs available. Each had a unique selection of necklaces, the cards all with hand drawn grids and catalogue numbers. Over time they will have become annotated with finer details such as metal types and stones to be used.

This card has a selection including geometric shapes.The necklaces are generally in excellent vintage condition. 

This is a rare collectable sample card, perfect for a private or museum collection, jewelry design school or to be framed and made into wall art for jewelry retailers or manufacturers. 
Size of card: 18 x 12 inches approx

MATERIALGlass / Metal
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