Antique Victorian Czech black glass bead mourning necklace

Antique Victorian Czech black glass bead mourning necklace
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16" antique Czech glass hand beaded necklace with a super selection of beads. With black teardrop and oval faceted and hand molded round glass beads. This was probably made as Victorian mourning jewelry. Being handmade, it will have imperfections caused during the original manufacture. Silver tone spring clasp closer.  
This is a beautiful necklace with stunning beads in excellent condition, having recently been discovered originally factory packaged. However, as this necklace is over 100 years old, the cotton may well have weakened and it is always recommended to have these rare necklaces restrung. The clasp is also tainted.

Origin: Vintage Czech Bohemia 1930's
Length: 16" approx.
Size: Beads 2 - 41mm; 1/16" - 1.6"
Material: Glass. 
Condition: Authentic vintage condition. Never used. Note this will need restringing before wearing
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