Lot (6) antique Czech gold gilt enamel red glass bangles hoops

Lot (6) antique Czech gold gilt enamel red glass bangles hoops
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(6) antique vintage Czech Bohemian rare red art glass bangles or hoops with faceted finish and gold gilt and enamel decoration.
Primarily these pieces were made for export to India as ritual items and ornaments. Sybille Jargstorf describes the Czech bangle industry in the book - Heritage of Bohemia on page 126. These were found in their original packaging, marked Bernstein.
Great for any jewelry design project, earring hoops, ribbon decoration, chain connectors, Christmas ornaments, home decor or napkin rings.

Origin: Northern Bohemia circa 1920's
Size: 1.6" - 2.3" internal diameter

Material: Glass

Quantity: 6

SIZEAssorted mm
COLORGold / Multicolor / Red
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