Antique Czech gold gilt enamel green glass bangle hoop earring loop

Antique Czech gold gilt enamel green glass bangle hoop earring loop
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Antique Czech gold gilt and enamel green glass bangle hoop or earring loop. Great for any jewelry design project, earring hoops, ribbon decoration, chain connectors, Christmas ornaments, home decor or napkin rings.
Northern Bohemia circa 1900-20´s
Size: 53mm; 2.15" internal diameter approx 
Material: Glass
Condition: Excellent 
Quantity: 1

The Gablonzers (glass makers from the Gablonz region of Czechoslovakia) had already long established trade links with the Indians but between 1870 and 1880 they became aware that Indians used glass bangles exclusively for ornament. The early bangles were elaborately decorated, cut and enamelled but they soon realised the market did not require such sophisticated bangles. Production soon split into the making of "common bangles" which required no cutting and bangles with far more elaborate designs. Lampwork bangles, made from highly patterned canes, were first created around 1908. The making of these simplified after the first world war and the heated cane was simply wound around a metallic core and the ends later joined together by cottage workers.  Sybille Jargstorf describes the Czech bangle industry in the book - Heritage of Bohemia on page 126. These were found in their original packaging, marked Bernstein

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