Lot (4) C19th Czech Bohemian antique olive green glass cabochon drops

Lot (4) C19th Czech Bohemian antique olive green glass cabochon drops
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Lot of 4 wonderful Czech Bohemian antique vintage 19th Century hand made early olive green glass cabochons. Please note these are handmade antique drops and the sizes and shapes will vary slightly in each lot purchased.
These were made by pouring droplets of molton glass onto a thin glass sheet. These were inspired by the gloriously smooth cabochon stones worn in the Medieval, Byzantine and Renaissance Era. Made to produce fine jewelry including regal crowns and coronets and were often used in Art Nouveau lamp bodies. 
Prior to press molding technology, these droplets would also be hand faceted to produce early rhinestone jewels.
You will not see these ever again and in immaculate antique condition. This is the first time in 30 years i have come across these.
For jewelry making, fashion design, sewing and crafting.


Size: 6 - 7mm 4/16" - 4/16" approx. 
Material: glass
Year: antique cca. 1880´s
Origin: N. Bohemia / Czech
Condition: Excellent
Quantity: 4

SIZEAssorted mm
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