Antique lapidary gemstone faceting polishing dop holder tool

Antique lapidary gemstone faceting polishing dop holder tool
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A wonderful antique vintage lapidary tool. Designed to be screwed to the work surface in conjunction with a grinding stone or polisher. The dop stick is original and is the removeable wooden part to which the stone would be attached using dop wax. With 4 gear cogs allowing the stone to be turned from eight to twelve times in the faceting process and a full 90 degree adjustable slider. This allowed any stone to be cut with anywhere up to 12 facets at any angle around the stone
Made from wood with brass and steel working parts but does not have a manufacturers name. A little over 6 inches in length.
This is in good condition, probably still working and a wonderful museum piece or collectable

SIZE60+ mm
MATERIALMetal / Wood
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