Antique Czech square flower glass bead making hand press molding pliers tool

Antique Czech square flower glass bead making hand press molding pliers tool
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Antique vintage Czech Bohemian original square flower bead hand press molding pliers. Dating from the turn of the century these are traditional bead making pliers, used in the times prior to full mechanisation. The actual making of the beads at this time, on the whole, remained a cottage industry, in that the pliers and attached molds were bought and used by individuals or families who would work from home to supply the companies that would trade the beads. Each house would have a furnace in which glass rods were heated before the beads were individually pressed before being polished by hand.
These are set for pressing 14mm square flower beads and there is a hole where wire would be inserted for creating the bead hole. Stamped with the owners initials of "J.J.G" and the number 4 to identify the glass size. These are still in working condition, having been used in the latter part of the last century. The surface metal does have some pitting which is to be expected and years of untouched patina.
A nice collectible part of Czech Bohemian glass making history.
Origin: Czech/Bohemian
Size: 14 inches
Year: circa 1900's
Condition: Vintage condition. See description
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