Czech lampwork glass bead flower stem bouquet decoration

Czech lampwork glass bead flower stem bouquet decoration
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Czech Bohemian silver tone wired art glass flower and leaf bouquet ornament with lampwork glass beads. 
This is a wonderful studio art glass bouquet made with rare and unusual glass from old glass canes. Each piece has been handcrafted by our highly accomplished lampworker using traditional skills. Each of the individual headpin beads are wired into a stem. The stems make up bunches, wired into one larger bunch.
These beautiful bouquets can be used for creating art glass installations, floral home decor vase arrangements, crafting and chandelier and lighting design.
Although these were complex and time consuming to make, these represent extremely good value. 

Total length: 10 inches approx
Material: Lampworked glass. wire
Year: cca 2000's using antique glass


SIZE60+ mm
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