Lot (22) Czech lampwork glass flower, berry, petal headpin stem craft beads

Lot (22) Czech lampwork glass flower, berry, petal headpin stem craft beads
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Lot (22) Czech lampwork glass flower, berry and leaf headpin stem beads. With a mix of shapes, sizes and rare colors, several with silver lustre overlay detail

These are wonderful studio art glass flower craft beads made with rare and unusual glass from old glass canes. Each piece has been handmade by our own accomplished lampworker using traditional skills. Each individual headpin bead is made on a thin wire before being arranged in a bunch and wired together. The bunch can easily be separated or kept as is in a group. The wires are very flexible, allowing these beads to be used in jewelry design, floral home decor, vase arrangements, crafting and chandelier and lighting design.

Although these were complex and time consuming to make, these represent extremely good value. 

Total length: 10 inches approx

Bead size: 10 - 51mm, 6/16" - 2" approx

Condition: Perfect. 


SIZEAssorted mm
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