Large Antique Czech fabric knot steel impression die master hub

Large Antique Czech fabric knot steel impression die master hub

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Antique vintage Czech glass button cabochon jewelry making steel mold die press stamp, knotted fabric design. Stamped with Bohler Steel of Vienna, Austria

This could still be used for press molding glass buttons, cabochon beads or jewelry findings, for art design, home decor or for general hobby crafting with metal, clay, resin, plastic, plaster, leather or soft metals. 

Size: 30 x 31mm; 1.2" x 1.2"
Finished impression size: 27mm; 1.05"
Material: steel
Year: Vintage cca 1920's
Origin: N. Bohemia / Czech
Condition: Authentic original vintage condition. Excellent
Quantity: 1

This is a collectable unique steel button making negative originally for use in the manufacture of press molded glass buttons or cabochon beads. The negative is intricately hand engraved in toughened steel and was used to create the actual button mold in a softer metal material which would then be set in long metal pliers and used to hand press fancy glass buttons.

To reproduce a new button negative today would cost at least $2000 for the paper design, engraving work, finishing and patenting.

SIZE27 mm
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