Boxed sets 18 antique German magic lantern glass slides Ernst Plank 1900's

Boxed sets 18 antique German magic lantern glass slides Ernst Plank 1900's
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2 boxes of assorted antique German magic lantern glass slides. These are well used and the condition reflects this. 18 complete slides with a few extra damaged included. One of the slides has a broken corner but all have good, clear images with surface markings from use and age and variable condition borders. The themes vary from comedy and pantomime to colonial travel and Asia. The boxes are Laterna Magica Bilder by E.P Laterna Magica Films. Each box has an original label, although the contents do not fully reflect the label description. All from the late 19th to early 20th century

Size 19.5 x 6cm approximately

The Ernst Plank Company was seated in the Hochfederstrasse 40 in the German toy town of Nuremberg. In 1866 it was enrolled in the Commercial Register of Nuremberg as 'Ernst Plank, Fabrik Optischer und Mechanischer Waren'.
Almost all the lantern slide boxes from Plank are supplied with its trade mark, bearing the initials 'E.P.'

The company survived the First World War, but magic lantern production gradually ceased in the 1920s. In 1930 the factory was sold to Hans and Fritz Schaller, who specialized in home movie equipments. After World War II their company was known as Noris Projektion GmbH.

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