Art Nouveau necklace, earring brooch technical design print "Schmuck Kasten" Germany 1900's #35

Art Nouveau necklace, earring and brooch technical design print "Schmuck Kasten" Germany 1900's #35
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Antique Art Nouveau German jewelry design technical print catalogue page. A wonderful piece of jewelry design history. "Schmuck Kasten" or "The Jewelry Box" was a monthly loose sheet collection (4 sheets per month). These appeared about 20 years in the period from 1880-1910. Published by Friedrich Wilhelm Zimmermann of Mainz, a well known printmaker. The illustration shows a selection of necklace, pendant, earring, cufflink and brooch designs, all of which would have been made in precious metals. This is in excellent condition, the artwork still very clear with no fading and little discoloration to the paper. 
This would be perfect framed and used either in a private collection or in a vintage or contemporary jewelery store. This was part of a published loose leaf collection of exemplary templates for jewelers, gold and silver workers and engravers. You will receive the original page. 

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