Lot (6) Vintage Art Deco Czech black glass buttons

Lot (6) Vintage Art Deco Czech black glass buttons
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(6) Bohemian Czech antique Vintage hand molded Art Deco geometric black art glass buttons. These are antique hand finished buttons and are in original condition with a few reverse edge nicks as expected in antique hand finished buttons. These were discovered in a cellar behind a false wall, having been hidden away in the war and do have some dirt. The smaller of the lot has a damaged shank
For jewelry making, fashion design, sewing and crafting.
Size: 27 - 37mm; 1.05" - 1.45" 
Material: Vintage glass. 
Shank: metal box 4 way
Origin: N. Bohemia / Czech
Year: Vintage cca. 1930's
Condition: Original authentic condition. One with a damaged shank
Quantity: 6

SIZEAssorted mm
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