Vintage Czech glass button Original sample card 19 lustre flower buttons

Vintage Czech glass button Original sample card 19 lustre flower buttons
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Original sample card 19 vintage Czech hand molded glass buttons. Each button is different and shows the sizes, designs and finishes available. With geometric and floral designs and a range of hand painted metallic finishes. These are in excellent condition and are beautifully made and decorated as show pieces. These are sewn on to a fabric display pad.

This sample card is from the collection of a Czech glass button making family who have now ceased production. With the rise of imported copies, the traditional ways of hand pressing buttons have almost become extinct. There are now only two people left hand molding Czech glass buttons and buttons such as these will become increasingly rare.

These are C20th reproductions of antique buttons, press molded with antique molds and using traditional techniques.
For collecting, jewelry making, fashion design, sewing, art and crafting.

Origin: Northern Bohemia circa 1980's
Size: 13 - 18mm; 8/16" - 11/16" approx
Material: Glass.
Shank: metal box 4 way
Condition: Authentic vintage condition. 
Quantity: 19

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