1915 Sample card (151) Czech antique glass buttons

1915 Sample card (151) Czech antique glass buttons
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Collectible antique 1915 sample card of Czech Bohemian glass buttons. This unique card has 151 stunning individually different hand press molded and lampwork glass buttons. These will all have been hand pressed or hand wound and hand finished in stunning detail. They are unique and will never be replicated. This card has a simply stunning collection of buttons with lampwork, paperweight, lustre and hand painted examples. A complete range of glass colors and shapes.
This card is from a private collection and is of museum quality and a true collectors item for the button connoisseur. Not only is it suitable for a museum or private collection, but if framed behind glass this would make a superb window display for a boutique fashion, art, design or craft store or an original art glass home decor installation. 

Size Card: 10.5 x 18 inches
Size Buttons: 9 - 13mm; 6/16" - 8/16"
Shank: self
Condition: These are in excellent condition

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