Large Antique Victorian Czech true lacy glass button 32mm

Large Antique Victorian Czech true lacy glass button 32mm
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Large Antique Victorian Czech lacy glass button. This is an exceptionally rare true lacy glass button. With a floral and imitation marcasite faceted design finished with real gold gilt and a black japanned reverse. In excellent condition.
For collecting, jewelry making, fashion design, sewing, art and crafting.

Origin: Northern Bohemia circa 1880's
Size: 32mm; 1.25" approx
Material: Glass.
Shank: metal box 4 way
Condition: Excellent
Quantity: 1

Original true lacy buttons are remarkable for their complex technology. The final appearance created the effect of a button made of expensive glass consisting of multicolored cut stones or marcasite and finished with borders or lattices made of precious metals. Generally they were made from clear glass, sometimes colored, reverse painted and finished with reverse black japanning.


SIZE32 mm
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