Lot (2) Antique Victorian Czech rhinestone look lacy floral black glass buttons 14mm

Lot (2) Antique Victorian Czech lacy floral black glass buttons 14mm
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Lot (2) Antique Victorian Czech lacy style floral black glass buttons. These buttons were hand molded using a hand engraved steel button mold and have incredible fine detail. Each button was hand pressed using button pliers before being hand trimmed and polished, a process which often led to edge blemishes. Made by the Gebruder Mahla export comany of Jablonec, Czechoslovakia in the 1880's - 1900's. Premium quality vintage rare Czech glass buttons, demonstrating the skills of early C20th glass button makers. In excellent original condition.
Origin: Northern Bohemia circa 1890's
Size: 14mm; 9/16" 
Material: Glass
Shank: Metal loop

SIZE14 mm
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