23mm Czech antique Victorian floral etched black art glass button

23mm Czech antique Victorian floral etched black art glass button
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(1) 23mm Collectible Rare Antique Victorian Austrian Hungarian empire fancy floral etched design black molded glass button. 
Queen Victoria, in mourning, wore nothing but black, including black buttons, from 1861 until she died in 1903. Fashion dictated black buttons as the rule for those who wished to follow her lead.
​Czech buttons from this era are renowned for their quality, stunning designs, strength and light weight - important in a period of fashion where clothing often had dozens of buttons.
This button is by Gebruder Mahla of Jablonec, one of the best known names in Victorian Czech glass buttons and is in excellent original condition. Some rough molding edges still. Similar examples are in the Museum of Glass in Jablonec.
An extremely rare collectors glass button.

Size: 23mm 14/16th inch
Material: Vintage glass. 
Shank: metal box 4 way
Origin: N. Bohemia / Czech
Year: Vintage cca. 1900's
Condition: Original authentic vintage condition. 
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SIZE23 mm
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