Vintage Czech Mid Century topaz crystal bicolor fluted glass designer bowl

Vintage Czech Mid Century topaz crystal bicolor fluted glass designer bowl
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Vintage Czech topaz and crystal clear bicolor fluted glass bowl. This is a stunning piece of Mid Century modern studio art glass. Made by hand, forming the shape in various stages with the use of glass tools. A highly skilled process. In very good condition with two tiny nicks to the base which are not visible. Possibly by the Chribska glassworks, following the Murano Sommerso technique of glassmaking. 

25.5cm; 10" diameter

10cm; 4" height


The Chribska glassworks, full name Sklarna Chribska, was founded in the early fifteenth century, and stayed in production until very recently. In 1882 it was bought by the Mayer family. Chribska became part of the Borske Sklo National Corporation during the 1950's. Chief designer at this time was Josef Hospodka, who specialised in sculptural blown glass designs. 

The Sommerso technique was originally developed in the 1930's by Antonio Da Ross. Sommerso (Italian for "submerged") is the Murano glassmaking technique of creating two or more layers of contrasting glass without the colours mixing together. It is formed by dipping coloured glass into molten glass of a different colour, before blowing the glass into the required form.

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