Vintage Czech lampwork glass "aquarium" ornament figurine. Jaroslav Brychta Brussels Expo

Vintage Czech lampwork glass "aquarium" ornament figurine. Jaroslav Brychta Brussels Expo
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Vintage Czech lampwork aquarium glass sculpture, ornament or figurine. A remarkable piece of unique studio glass design by Jaroslav Brychta of the Zelezny Brod school of glass. Intricately made by hand with a fish, sea horse and octopus in the seaweed. The sea horse is made of Uranium glass and the Octupus of dragons breath glass. In sunlight there are flashes of blue from the high precious metal content of the Dragons breath glass. Under UV black light the Uranium glass glows brightly. In perfect original condition and a truly collectable museum piece of studio glass. Designed for the World fair in Brussels as part of Brychta's aquarium collection for which he received the Grand prix

Age: circa 1950's
Origin: Bohemia; Czech
Size: 21 x 8cm approximately
Material: glass
Condition: Excellent

Professor Jaroslav Brychta (1895-1971) studied at the Prague School of Decorative Arts from 1912-18 under Professors Drahonovsky and Kloucek. From 1920-60, he was a professor at the Specialised School of Glassmaking at Zelezny Brod, and directed the Glass Figurine department and school. His work can be found in many public and private collections, and was displayed at many prestigious exhibitions including the International Expositions in Paris (1937), Brussels (1958) and Montréal (1967).
Brychta's work is famous in Europe and is part of the rich cultural heritage of the Czech Republic.


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