Lot (3) vintage Czech marionette puppet doll figurine lampwork glass heads

Lot (3) vintage Czech marionette puppet doll figurine lampwork glass heads
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Lot of 3 vintage Czech Bohemian rare hand lampwork glass marionette puppet or figurine heads. Almost in a historical caricature style, these are unique and rare items from a private collection, fresh to the market and will not be found anywhere else. Research shows these glass head were possibly made at the Zelezny Brod school of art under the professorship or Jaroslav Brychta. Made either as sample pieces, exhibition pieces or an unfinished figurines. 
Glass art figurine heads are one of the most difficult examples of glass work. Compared to working in wood or clay, there is little room for error when working with hot glass and to get the characteristics correct so the finished product looks realistic is pure skill.
These are from a series we have for sale and came from a private collection which has been in the same family for over 50 years. Descendents of the family worked in the glass industry until the 1970's.
Unique collectable items. Alternatively, an accomplished lampworker could create a figurine, puppet or even a cocktail stirrer.

Size: 26 - 31mm; 1.05" - 1.2 inches

Condition: good with pontil mark to the base

SIZEAssorted mm
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